Hi, I'm Sujatha! I am an Indian American  Artist, Interior Designer & Real Estate Investor. My Art is mostly about freedom of the soul, and hence named the business as F Y M - which stands for Free Your Mind. I love to renovate & design residences especially rehabs that need a lot of TLC.


Whether Art or Interior Design - I highly value uniqueness, respect that every individual is different, and work patiently with each client to reflect the client's soul in their project, making each project distinct from others.

If you happen to see me in one of the local design stores or a coffee shop - cause that's where I mostly will be - come say HI, as I am friendly. Please don't mind me if I show my shy & socially awkward face (eeek!) in big gatherings!


I love to cook and clean in my free time (!), but also love to help others. I donate whenever I can to the homeless, orphans & education of underprivileged children.


My husband Bil & I currently reside in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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